I’ll Get You through Your Test, as Quickly and as Safely as Possible

About Jamie Blackwood

At Jamie’s RED Driving School, you will learn how to drive at the exact pace you need to, while building confidence to become a great driver. With emphasis on making lessons fun, Jamie makes sure you are relaxed and that you understand everything covered. Identifying and analysing problems is Jamie’s strong point, all while making sure you are treated like an individual.

Jamie’s Lessons

To make sure that you get a feel for driving in different situations and areas, you will be taken on different routes each and every lesson.

Previous Work

Jamie’s experience of driving has covered 3 years as a London bus driver, and 1 year as a bus driver in Cardiff. The knowledge gained from this kind of driving means he has plenty of experience dealing with heavy city traffic, motorcycles, and high volumes of pedestrians. On top of all of this, Jamie is also a license holder for a motorcycle, so he has a keen road sense and is always aware of other road users.

Get in touch now, in Brentwood, Essex, to discover more about Jamie’s RED Driving School.

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